VIGA Mission

To promote farming, healthy food, and a sustainable agricultural economy on Vashon island through education, advocacy, and a vibrant farmers market.

VIGA Vision

Vashon is successfully championing local growers and producers of healthy and nutritious food. The Saturday Market continues to expand along with members and supporters. The number of farmers and the amount of land being farmed is steadily increasing as are the number of food entrepreneurs attracted to this resource. Vashon grown and produced food has a respected reputation and market share throughout the region and contributes substantially to the local economy and a resilient regional food system.

VIGA’s Identity Statement

We promote farming and food production in order to sustain a viable agriculture sector and economy. We do this by serving farmers and growers, food entrepreneurs, and customers on the Island and the region. The programs and services we provide include access to equipment, storage and supplies, increased access to land, technical support and education, operation of a local market and access to metropolitan area markets. VIGA is Vashon’s preeminent farm and grower organization with long standing ties to the statewide Tilth organization, and close collaboration the Vashon Land Trust and Vashon Park District. It operates with an active board of directors, excellent professional staff and volunteers drawn from its membership. VIGA is financially supported by earned income, member dues and donations, fundraising events, foundation grants, business sponsorships, and government grants and contracts.